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Is your shelter ready?

Are you terrified about what lurks in your storm shelter? When the tornado sirens sound, do you feel prepared to spend the night in your shelter? Allow our team of military veterans to put your mind at ease.

Shelter Ready! is a storm shelter cleaning and preparedness company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Our service ensures the safety and well-being of families during severe weather by providing professional storm shelter cleaning, light maintenance and preparedness services. We pride ourselves on always going above and beyond in everything we do. This includes our attention to detail in cleaning, professionalism and always putting the customer first.

“A weather emergency is nerve-wracking under any circumstances. If you’re prepared, knowing your family has what it needs for a few days is just one less thing to worry about in the midst of all the chaos a storm can cause,” says Sonya McDaniel, Pottawatomie County OSU Extension Educator.

“Being prepared can help ensure there is less risk for injury and more of a guarantee that everyone will come out of the storm safe and sound.” 

Prepare Your Storm Shelter for Upcoming Storm Season – Oklahoma State University 

  1. Storm Shelter Cleaning: Thorough cleaning and sanitization of storm shelters, removing dust, debris, insects, animals (dead and alive) and potential hazards that end up in your shelter
  2. Sanitize and Deodorize: We help get rid of those pesky odors and smells with an environmentally friendly sanitizer and deodorizer
  3. Storm Season Preparation: Safety kit (earplugs, flashlight, whistle), motion sensor LED light, first aid kit and bottles of fresh water
  4. Post Storm Recovery: We make sure your shelter’s location is registered with your local Emergency Management office